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Ants Pest Control Service

Our pest control service for Ants is available in Essex, East London & Suffolk.

Our qualified technicians can help you get rid of Ants by using our professional pest controller services.

The most common ant found in the houses and gardens within the UK is the garden ant, also known as the black ant… Read More

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Controlling Ants

The obvious step should be taken first to repair any holes or cracks in cement with mortar or skirting boards with a mastic like substance thus sealing any gaps and cracks particularly around doors and windows etc.

As said before ants are extremely clever and they will often find their way into your house through the smallest of gaps as the ants are tiny. Then you should cover or contain any sweet or sugary foods or substances within the kitchen and clean away any sugary residual debris left over.

Things like a sugar bowl, marmalade, jam or fizzy drinks which have been spilt and dried up yet will still leave a nice sugary meal for the ant of which they will find sooner or later. A professional pest controller will then use special insecticide (not available over the counter) to spray treat specific areas which will leave a residual trace lasting for a few weeks.

Baiting the ants with a stomach poisoning hormone is another effective treatment to try and clear up the ant infestation but may take several months for the entire colony to die.

Identification is key when trying to control ants. Get it wrong and your problem will just get worse. If in doubt call the professionals in for a proper identification and the most appropriate treatment to cure the problem.

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