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Bed Bugs Pest Control Service

Our pest control service for Bed Bugs is available in Essex, East London & Suffolk.

Our qualified technicians can help you get rid of Bed Bugs by using our professional pest controller services.

Usually around 6mm in length, the small flat reddish coloured bed bugs hide away during the day in small crevices… Read More

More About Bed Bug Infestations

Controlling Bed Bugs

Qualified pest controllers will be required to deal with any bed bug infestations within your house. A complete and thorough inspection of your whole house will be required to be able to locate all of the hiding places for the bed bugs, this is essential. The most common area for bed bugs to infest will be bedrooms or sleeping areas of young children or pets.

Spraying of the furniture, walls and skirting boards in the affected rooms will be the most suitable treatment for a bed bug infestation. If you wash and change your bed linen on a regular basis, then it will help to reduce the chance of being infested again.

Although bed bugs do have more of a tendency to hide in the bed frames and furniture close by as opposed to the common impression that they live within the bed sheets.

When cleaning your linen, it is more effective to use dry cleaning because of the higher temperatures but if you are worried about ruining your linens perhaps wash them on the hottest temperature available on your washing machine and continue to dry them in a hot dryer preferably 140oF for at least 20 minutes (always check your manufacturers guidelines).

You must ensure to wash all items such as pillows, pillow cases, bed sheets, bed skirts and any blankets or throws. Regular vacuuming of the mattress and along the skirting boards and door frames will also help greatly, not forgetting the door frames and the frame of the bed.

It must be understood that purely washing and hoovering will not remove the bed bug infestations. Always be cautious of buying any second hand furniture, especially beds and mattresses, as they can easily be home to an infestation of bed bugs and will then set up home in your house.

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