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Fleas Pest Control Service

Our pest control service for Fleas is available in Essex, East London & Suffolk.

Our qualified technicians can help you get rid of Fleas by using our professional pest controller services.

In Britain we have around 60 species of flea. All of which are considered parasites and need a living animal to be their host… Read More

More About Flea Infestations

Controlling Fleas

Killing the odd adult flea does not mean it will get rid of the flea infestation. You will need a full survey and treatment with professional products to bring the flea infestation under control within any house or affected areas.

Any pets such as dogs and cats will also have to be treated at the same time as the premises. Treatment to your premises for a flea infestation should be carried out by a professional pest controller.

This is because they have access to a wide range of insecticides of which are not available over the counter and are far more effective. Qualified pest controllers can also ensure that the treatment of the flea infestation is carried out safely following strict guidelines.

A professional flea infestation treatment will remain effective for several weeks and can still kill flea larvae and adult fleas if they venture out and come in contact with the treated areas.

Eventually once the insecticide wears away you must be aware of the risk that a pet could bring a new batch of fleas to your house and so it is essential that you remain watchful when letting any kind of animal or pet into your house or even if you have visited possibly contaminated premises as this could start off the hole flea infestation again.

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