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Mice Pest Control Service

Our pest control service for Mice is available in Essex, East London & Suffolk.

Our qualified technicians can help you get rid of Mice by using our professional pest controller services.

You may be surprised that the house mouse and wood mouse have infested your house, cottage or garage… Read More

More About Mice Infestations

Controlling Mice

A mouse sighting may well mean you have numerous other relatives living in and around your property. The most obvious signs that you have a mouse infestation is that you will find packaging with gnawing marks around the edges or odd items of food scattered around your cupboards.

You may also find small mouse droppings which are black in colour and appear to be the size of a grain of rice. You will generally find the mouse droppings everywhere which they might have been frequenting but more especially in the corners of cupboards and around the food packages.

Unfortunately, mice also have a habit of urinating pretty much everywhere which can cause an off putting smell and the contamination of your food. If you find you have any mouse droppings or the smell of mice urine, then you should immediately check and dispose of any items you think have been contaminated.

To prevent mice harming your new food supplies you can use plastic containers and glass jars. Mouse traps are not always that effective, especially if you have an infestation, as they may only clear one or two mice. Cats tend to try and catch mice and play with them but it’s only a game to them and they will usually only kill one mouse at a time if that.

Controlling mice is most effective when using specifically designed poisons which once eaten will cause the mice to die fairly quickly. It’s always possible that a mouse may die in a location which is inaccessible for example in or behind the wall which is built into the house or perhaps under the floorboards and this may result in a smell.

It’s always best to try and extract the body but if this is not possible, without causing damage to your house, then the smell should start to reduce and disappear in about a week or so. If the smell is particularly bad, then it can be masked with special treatments or air fresheners.

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