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Rats Pest Control Service

Our pest control service for Rats is available in Essex, East London & Suffolk.

Our qualified technicians can help you get rid of Rats by using our professional pest controller services.

Rats are carriers of serious diseases, can cause a lot of damage, and are quite common in both rural and urban areas… Read More

More About Rat Infestations

Controlling Rats

Some people presume that having a cat will control the rats. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case and even rat traps and some over the counter poisons fail to actually eradicate the rat infestation in your property. The longer you leave a rat infestation hoping that old fashioned techniques will eradicate them the more the number of rats will increase.

Likewise, the money you may have spent on poisons or the time in laying your traps may well have been better spent on hiring a professional pest controller to remove a rat infestation and our trained professionals will be able to advise you of how best to treat it. The way to control rats is by conducting a thorough survey checking the nature of problem and how large it has become.

Once the rat problem has been assessed one of the approaches to eliminate a rat infestation is to have poison laid in carefully thought out locations. This rat poison will be laid in a form of bait in a special box, in particular locations which is safer than just laying poison anywhere. For example, you may have a rat infestation under your shed in your garden.

Your children may also play in the same garden and so to have rat poison in the open would be very dangerous. This is why our professional pest controllers follow special guidance and work to the law ensuring the safety of the general public. After the rats have started the feast on the poisoned bait they will gradually start to die within a week or so, a small rat infestation could be gone fairly quickly.

However, a larger infestation would probably take a little longer for the poisoned bait to spread throughout the rat colony. The poisons that we use are one of the safest to use around houses which is why one dose does not instantly kill and so requires the rats to be feeding on the poisoned bait for several days. During this period of poisoning the rats, it should always be ensured that they have no other food sources other than the poisoned bait put down by the pest controllers.

For example, if you have an open compost heap it will include all sorts of goodies which rats will feast upon such as your food leftovers. It is also advised that you resist from feeding the birds as not only will the rats climb up the trees to the hanging feeders or bird tables but they will also feast upon any scraps below meaning that the rats won’t be purely eating the poisoned bait and therefore the process could take much longer and may not even work if the poisoned rat bait is not their only source of food.

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