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Squirrels Pest Control Service

Our pest control service for Squirrels is available in Essex, East London & Suffolk.

Our qualified technicians can help you get rid of Squirrels by using our professional pest controller services.

Squirrels are like Marmite and you will either love them or hate them. The UK has two main types of squirrel… Read More

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Controlling Squirrels

Although grey squirrels are legally declared as a pest, there are still some strict laws which must be adhered to, removing the chance of damaging other wildlife whilst eradicating the squirrels.

There are legal restrictions on which baits can be laid of which is not available for purchase by the general public and traps must be of a specific size and type. Rat poison is not allowed to be used, it is illegal.

This is why a professional pest controller should be called in for any squirrel problem. It must be noted that under the wildlife and countryside act 1981 it’s illegal to release a trapped grey squirrel, whilst alive, in to another area. If any grey squirrels are trapped they must be humanely killed.

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