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Wasps Pest Control Service

Our pest control service for Wasps is available in Essex, East London & Suffolk.

Our qualified technicians can help you get rid of Wasps by using our professional pest controller services.

What are quite possibly the most unwanted and uninvited guests to our gardens during summer in the UK are wasps… Read More

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Controlling Wasps

Wasps are not always aggressive as they are often busy collecting wood for their nest or food for their young. However, if wasps feel that their nest needs defending then they will aggressively attack you if they feel disturbed or threatened, which is why a professional pest controller should always be used for the eradication of a wasp’s nest.

Pest controllers will have specialist protective clothing and will also have extensive experience of dealing with wasps and wasps nests along with any specialised insecticides required to eradicate them. In late summer there are a growing number of wasps with less to do around the nest as the queen wasp has stopped laying eggs and therefore the wasps start to become a nuisance because the wasps are in search of sweet foods which ultimately means they usually end up within our gardens at food time or kitchens or factories looking for sugary foods such as fruit, jam and sugary foods etc.

These wasps are now becoming very drowsy and they are more likely to sting and create havoc. It is important to remember that even once a wasp has died they can still have the ability to sting for at least a day or so afterwards. For this reason, it is advised that you wear footwear in your treated premises shortly after any wasp eradication treatment has been carried out.

At the end of the wasp’s life cycle for that year the queen who originally had started the construction of the nest, along with the males and female worker wasps, will die with the exception of the young fertilized queen wasp who will survive and go on to repeat this process for the following year. To ensure their safety the Queen wasps will often seek a safe crevice to spend the cold winter in and go on to hibernate. And yes you guessed it, in spring the queen wasps will emerge to start the life cycle all over again.

Any old wasps nest from the previous year will just contain a small amount of debris and perhaps some unhatched eggs but will not present a risk or any nasty smells. In fact, if the nest was outdoors it will more than likely dissolve in the wind and rain.

If the wasps nest had been indoors then it will gradually turn into dust and crumble. You do not have to remove an old wasps nest as wasps will not reuse the same nest as the previous year.

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